About the Best Casino Games: Types and Features

Aviator Game

Aviator game is an online casino crash game that has recently become increasingly popular in the online gambling world. Crash games are fast and thrilling, and, what’s more, they can be very profitable if you know how to play them and have obtained the respective skills.

Aviator is a thrilling plane crash game created by Spribe company and is one of the newest passions of gamblers of all ages. The game puts players in the plane as they try to navigate through a treacherous landscape and make it back to safety overcoming various obstacles.

What’s the goal of the game? Well, you have to predict the multiplier of the next round and bet accordingly. Higher multipliers offer higher rewards but involve more risks.
At the start, you bet on a line that starts at 1x and then increases with each round. You can stop and cash out whenever you want as it continues to increase.

If you have enough nerves and patience and would like to take risks with the potential to make a bigger profit, you wait longer. Your task is to cash out correctly and in time. By doing so, you will maximize your winnings while avoiding the line crashing.
Do not be deluded by the simplicity of the game, it does require skills and a well-thought strategy to be successful in it!

The visual design of the game is very appealing to gamblers, and its sound effects add to the great emotions that the game arouses.

What’s more, Aviator is known for its fairness and high payout rate, making it one of the best online casino crash games available today and a popular choice among punters looking for a reliable and entertaining gambling experience.

Types of Games

Gamblers visit different casino sites with one goal: to find the best casino games to get the most out of their gaming experience. For this reason, we have created a series of guides informing our readers about the available categories of games, their features and other characteristics.

Whether you are a fan of slots, roulette or poker, this information is the basis for learning and, most importantly, getting the most out of it.

Best Casino Games with Minimum House Edge

When choosing the best casino games, it is important to pay attention to some characteristics. The chances of winning are one of the key ones. Although the outcome of all games of chance depends on luck, some initially have better winning odds if the player has sufficient experience and adheres to an effective game strategy, for example, in blackjack or video poker. In addition, games such as craps and baccarat have different types of bets, and therefore, the potential and payouts also vary. When choosing the right bet, the punter can significantly reduce such an indicator as the house edge. Below we have provided a ranking table of the best casino games in terms of casino advantages. Please note that these are approximate numbers, and the indicator may vary depending on the conditions of a particular online operator, the strategy followed by the punter and other factors.

Casino GameHouse Edge
Blackjack0.5% and more
Video Poker0.5% and more
Baccarat1.05% (in case of Banker Bet)
Craps1.35% (in case of Don’t Come/Don’t Pass Bet)
Three Card Pokerfrom 1.56% to 5%
European or French Roulette2.7%
Pai Gow Poker2.84%
Slot Machinesfrom 3% to 7%
Caribbean Stud Poker5.22%
American Roulette5.26%

Most Popular Casino Game Categories

Modern gambling sites offer a huge amount of entertainment for every taste and bankroll. However, the most commonly played games include:

Online Slots

Without this category of the best casino games, it is difficult to imagine at least one virtual casino in Canada. To play online slot machines, the gambler does not need to spend time learning combinations and complex rules. The gameplay is quite simple: the player chooses the bet amount, indicates the number of potential pay lines, spins the reel, and waits for the results. The game options also please with their variety: from classic fruit and video slots to progressive slots with big jackpots and modern 3D slots.

Casino Baccarat

Originating in Italy in the 1400s, the game is especially popular among Canadian high rollers. One of the main reasons is that baccarat is associated with prestige and sophistication. Even though the betting range is quite wide, this game is ideal for lovers of large bets. According to the rules, the punter places stakes on three game outcomes: the victory of the Banker, the victory of the Player or the Draw. The one with the closest hand to nine wins. In many ways, a player’s chances of winning depend on the bet they choose. That is why it is important to understand the stakes in baccarat.

Blackjack Online

Due to its simplicity, this game ranks as one of the best casino games available to Canadian players. To get blackjack, the punter needs to make a hand with a total value closer to 21 and more than the dealer. For this reason, blackjack is also known as “21”. Whoever scores more than 21 loses the round and their bet. With some of the best winning odds, blackjack is one of the games where strategy matters.

Casino Poker

It is difficult to imagine a gambler who has not played or at least not heard about this game. Although the rules and strategies of poker are rather complicated, the number of fans of one of the best casino games continues to grow. If you want to enjoy a high-quality and exciting game and increase your chances of a positive outcome, you need to learn the rules, combinations and strategies.

In this game, you place bets based on the cards in your hand to collect the winning combination. In doing so, you need to follow a certain strategy to make other participants to raise the bank and open their cards. Another reason poker is so popular is that you can participate in tournaments, show your skills and win valuable prizes.

Online Roulette

It is another favourite game among players from Canada and other countries worldwide. As a rule, roulette is associated with the elegant and pretentious atmosphere of real casinos. France is considered the game’s birthplace, and the name itself is translated as “little wheel”. It is the main attribute of the game.

The player chooses from a variety of betting options, then the roulette wheel starts, and the ball, stopping at one of the available wheel sectors, determines the game outcome. The gambler places chips on the green table, thus indicating their bets. Different roulette variants have different table layouts, but the basic rules remain the same.

Bingo Online

Due to the simplicity of the rules and the relaxed gameplay, bingo is the choice of many gamblers, regardless of their age. Each player receives a card with numbers (in some versions, several cards). Random numbers appear on the screen in turn. Players cross out matching numbers, and the winner is the one who first crosses out all the necessary ones. This is Bingo. 

Play in Demo Mode or for Real Money

All Canadian players can access two game modes in the best casino games: for free or for money. Free gambling is a good way to test the site and practice without losing money. At the same time, the paid mode provides access to the bonus program, a larger game collection and cash winnings. Which option suits you best is up to you. Below we have highlighted the main advantages and disadvantages of these two modes.

Reasons to Play for Real Money

  • Higher risk gives more thrill, making the game truly exciting.
  • It involves making a deposit and betting on real money. In case of luck, the player receives real cash prizes.
  • An opportunity to try your luck in the pursuit of the jackpot.
  • Available loyalty programs provide additional bonus funds for the game.

Reasons to Play for Free

  • A great opportunity to learn the game and practice different strategies without the risk of losing money.
  • The ability to test online casinos and decide whether it is worth playing here for real money.
  • The player may not switch to the real money game mode but simply enjoy the available games for free.
  • Many sites offer games without the need to register.