Toronto’s Hottest Tables and Liveliest Nights

Toronto’s dining and nightlife scenes pulse with energy year-round. Foodies flock for innovative plates from local chefs and restaurateurs. Night owls prowl vibrant lounges and music halls to move to global beats and enjoy cleverly mixed cocktails. Visitors and locals alike find limitless inspiration in this multicultural metropolis.

Satisfy cravings at restaurants spanning cuisines like refined Japanese, fiery Indian, or nostalgic Caribbean flavors. Catch critically acclaimed and emerging musical talents while sharing small plates and toasted company. Sample brilliant takes on classics alongside neighborhood innovators in down-to-earth environs. However you choose to experience Toronto after hours, a memorable experience awaits around every corner.

Night Club

Thankfully, these culinary adventures aren’t restricted to restaurant walls anymore. With the growing trend of restaurant takeovers, you can curate your custom feast from these top Toronto eateries, perfect for any social gathering or party at home. Whether it’s a casual evening with friends or a more festive occasion, these takeovers bring the restaurant experience to you.

Imagine hosting a game night where dishes from top restaurants are not just food but conversation starters, as friends gather to share cuisine and camaraderie. To find out how to combine the rich flavours of a culinary takeover with the excitement of a game night, complete with tips and tricks for the perfect evening, stay tuned for our upcoming article “How to Combine Takeout & Online Casino Fun with Friends.”

Prime Seafood Palace

Prime Seafood Palace

  • Address: 944 Queen St. W., Toronto
  • Description: A steakhouse with a touch of seafood, offering dishes like wet-aged prime rib, bone-in striploin, and trout from Mimosa Springs.
  • Review Highlights: Luxurious, indulgent dining experience with impeccable service and a classically old-world wine program​.

This restaurant has received favorable reviews with a rating of 4.4 based on 28 reviews on Yelp. It is recognized for its seafood offerings, including popular dishes like Prime Rib Roast and Sicilian Crudo. The atmosphere is described as a light-filled cathedral clad in white maple, offering an innovative and fancy dining experience suitable for special occasions. It is conceptualized by Matty Matheson, inspired by his East Coast roots and love for architecture. The restaurant is characterized as a contemporary steakhouse with a menu featuring seafood, big meats cooked on the grill, and serious vegetable preparations​​​​​​​​

Kappo Sato

  • Address: 575 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Toronto
  • Description: A Japanese restaurant specializing in Kappo style cuisine, where the chef prepares a multi-course meal with seasonal ingredients right in front of the guests.
  • Review Highlights: Offers an immersive luxury dining experience with excellent Japanese cuisine.
Kappo Sato

Chef Takeshi Sato helms this intimate omakase haven serving up refined edible art to lucky diners. His decade-plus of mastering kappo-style cuisine shines through in every precise bite of the 20-plus course extravaganzas he personally prepares before your eyes. With only a cozy 10 seats in the house, scoring a reservation feels like winning the golden ticket at Sato’s hushed temple to the wonders of Japanese tradition evolving before your eyes​​​​​​​​.

Adrak Yorkville

Adrak Yorkville

  • Address: 138 Avenue Rd., Toronto
  • Description: Indian restaurant that elevates foundational recipes to fine-dining standards, including dishes like biryani with aged basmati and luxurious tasting platters.
  • Review Highlights: Luxurious Indian cuisine with innovative signature cocktails.

Who says you can only find rockstar Indian cuisine across the pond? Chef Maneesh Tripathi takes diners on a whirlwind tour of flavor at Adrak without ever leaving Toronto. From aromatic lamb biryani to fiery shrimp curry, his intricate regional recipes pack a visual and gustatory punch. The grand atmosphere matches the lavish plates, with traditional textiles meeting sleek modern decor. Don’t skip the innovative cocktail menu either – these beautiful drinks kick almost as hard as the food!​​​​​​​

Casa Paco

  • Address: 50 Clinton St., unit C, Toronto
  • Description: Offers Mediterranean fare in a sun-drenched room. The menu features Spanish and Italian influences with dishes like gnocchi in duck ragu and charcoal-grilled short rib.
  • Review Highlights: Notable for its understated yet brilliant menu, excellent Mediterranean cuisine, and unique drinks​.
Casa Paco

Craving a Mediterranean feast but want somewhere more inviting than a stuffy white-tablecloth place? Casa Paco’s got you covered with Spanish and Italian-inspired share plates made for passing between friends over laughter-filled evenings. Their paella preparations really shine, with seasonal seafood and produce singing in harmony. The cozy room lit by strings of glowing bulbs feels like joining a dinner party at your cool friend’s Little Italy apartment. Buen provecho!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Sunnys Chinese

Sunnys Chinese

  • Address: 60 Kensington Ave., Toronto
  • Description: Serves Chinese cuisine, especially from Sichuan and Shaanxi, in a fun, lively setting. Known for dishes like Husband and Wife Beef and spice-driven, playful menu.
  • Review Highlights: Noted for its spice-driven menu and mouth-numbing flavors, offering an enjoyable and spectacular culinary experience​.

Some like it hot – and Sunnys Chinese makes sure everyone leaves happy…and maybe a little numb! Chef Sunny dishes out favorite Chinatown classics from his hometown Chengdu given the fiery Sichuan treatment, alongside Hong Kong-style BBQ and other regional Chinese hits. Come hungry, because the family-style portions are meant for sharing with your whole squad. Just make sure to save room for their inspired Chinese cocktails – Sunny gives those traditional flavors a tasty twist too.


  • Address: 1588 Dupont St., Toronto
  • Description: A neighborhood diner offering a concise menu of sophisticated yet unfussy dishes. Known for its “cheese and crackers,” charcoal-grilled burger, and spicy chicken sandwich.
  • Review Highlights: Praised for its less-is-more ethos, excellent fries, and casual yet delicious offerings​.

Jay Carter and Susan Beckett swapped fine dining for unfussy neighborhood fare at Junction Triangle’s Dotty’s. Their concise menu puts playful spins on familiar fare to keep things interesting, but never strays far to alienate. Think kimchi grilled cheese meets double-stacked smash burgers meets jalapeño corn fritters…you get the picture. Dotty’s offers a little something for everyone, all at casual counter-service prices. Grab a stool or take your treats to go​​​​​​​​.

Yokai Izakaya

Yokai Izakaya

  • Address: 3175 Rutherford Rd., unit 28, Toronto
  • Description: An izakaya with a menu that combines traditional and unconventional elements. Features dishes like duck breast cooked in shio koji and rich yaki udon.
  • Review Highlights: Known for its high-impact visuals and excellent food that combines tradition with a modern twist​.

Hidetoshi Nishijima’s Yokai Izakaya starts by tricking your senses…and then keeps them guessing with artful Japanese plates merging tradition with innovation. Uniquely vivid flavors demand diners’ attention as they navigate the constantly changing omakase and tasting options. Prepare to be delighted, intrigued, and maybe even a little unsettled by Hide’s wicked imagination realized in edible form. The sleek, modern dining room provides a clean canvas for his creative concepts to captivate patrons.​​​​​​​​

Miss Likklemore’s

  • Address: 433 King St. W., Toronto
  • Description: Offers Jamaican cuisine with dishes inspired by family recipes. Known for its jerk chicken, Mac Pie, and range of cocktails.
  • Review Highlights: Appreciated for its variety of dishes, unique cocktails, and inviting atmosphere​.
Miss Likklemore’s

Jamaican cuisine gets a serious glow-up at King West’s Miss Likklemore’s, where tradition joyfully converges with upscale presentation. Third generation chef Tristan Welstead adapts family recipes like jerk chicken and curried goat to fine dining standards, while mixologist Allan Lateo’s botanical rum cocktails could steal the show. The team strives to evoke diners’ fondest food memories through familiar flavors elevated – this ain’t your auntie’s backyard cook-up, but somehow still feels like home​​​​​​​​.

Parquet Toronto


  • Address: 97 Harbord St, Toronto, Ontario M5S 1G4, Canada
  • Contact: +1 416-922-2345
  • Customer Reviews:

September 30, 2023 Review: Excellent food and friendly service, great setting, and a cozy dining room.

June 28, 2023 Review: Complaints about small portions, high prices, and bad service.

November 2023 Review: Delicious meal and great service, though appetizers were considered small for the price, I recommend visit Lula Lounge restaurant.

Oui, oui – it’s a French brasserie straight from the bustling lanes of Paris! Well, Harbord Village at least. Parquet chef Jamie Kennedy nails bistro classics like cassoulet and steak frites without the stuffiness. Breezy vibes meet hearty French fare at this laid-back neighborhood spot. Psst…just maybe temper expectations on portion sizes. You’ll doubtless be charmed by the atmosphere regardless!